Danny Glover Slugs a Photographer

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By: Rizoh

      You wouldn’t expect Danny Glover to be slugging people on the street at 60. The Lethal Weapon star punched a Daily News photographer yesterday, while he was leaving a Brooklyn courthouse.

     The Daily News shutterbug had tried to take Glover’s picture when the actor suddenly dealt him a glancing blow to the jaw and shocked the pants off of on-lookers.

      "What gives you the right to come out here and photograph me and have your camera up in my face?" Glover quipped.

      A courthouse employee, who was surprised by Glover’s action, said the photographer “had nothing wrong to provoke the assault.”

      Glover’s lawyer begged to differ. He blamed the Daily News photographer for "creating an incident. The photographer tried to prevent him from leaving. [Danny] was able to brush him away to get out."

      The photographer was not injured and said he did not intend to press charges against Glover.




  1. IN COURT!!! Damn I gotta be a movie star! just punch anyone right in the face AT COURT how many cops were there? plenty… its court. This is what happens if your famous.

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