Dave East & Desiigner Get The Bag on “RIICH”

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Two Empire State artists with one common goal.

With the continuously changing hip-hop landscape, the once stringent regional styles have melted, giving way to a singular sound. No longer does New York exclusively boast heady bars over minimalist boom-bap beats; no longer does the Bay Area exclusively subscribe to wavy music. Everyone, for the most part, has gravitated towards the mean–a mean that is a style predicated on melodies, production, and vibe. But throughout the musical evolution, artists still weave their respective city’s hallmarks into their craft.

Two of New York’s young, burgeoning MCs, Desiigner and Dave East, might both call the Empire State home, but tackle their artistry from opposing directions. The latter finds comfort in a traditionalist method that emphasizes lyrics and core hip-hop tenets; the former excels off of his eccentric style that has ironically become more of the norm than outlier as of late.

Manifesting how hip-hop’s more open-minded mentality has yielded artistically intrepid individuals, Desiigner and Dave East have linked up for their collaborative track, “RIICH”. Two New York MCs. Two extremely different sounds. One enticing song.

Listen to “RIICH” below: