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Looks like Chris Brown’s legal team are battling it out with the Los Angeles D.A with the hopes of a plea deal for the singer and former boo of Rihanna. Brown appears in a Los Angeles court today to face charges of domestic battery after the alleged assault on Rihanna in February, however it is expected that he will plead not guilty.
Brown is hoping to avoid both jail time and a trial but it is highly unlikely that he will avoid both. Rihanna is determined not to have to testify in the case and has fled the US to spend some quality time with family in Barbados. Earlier this week a story broke that the only way Rihanna would forgive Chris for his wrong doings was if he was to appear on Oprah Winfrey and apologize publicly. This story has not been confirmed by members of Rihanna’s team. And to be honest i think Oprah might be a little more caught up in the lesbian bully scandals ruining her South African schools reputation right now.