Dear Ricky Rosé, Step Your Video Swag Up!

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Ross used to be the biggest boss in the game when it came to videos.  There were tropical locales, and shirtless blunt smoking with hot chicks.  It was really top shelf stuff.  Definitely a straight shot to the winners circle.  Then your boy Ross got all fancy with his new imprint on on Warner and things started getting weak sauce.  Now the newest MMG video perfectly fits the template for mediocreville.

Step your game up Rosé!  I put you in my #CircleOfBosses post and everything, and now you are making me look bad.

Rick Ross ft Meek Mill & Wale “Pandemonium”




  1. Shut up dude. Seriously. Every post I read from you is pure hate. If you have nothing important to say, don't. Stop hating. It makes you sound ignorant. Real talk.

  2. Yung get out this fantasy world buddy you living in niggas makin bread and eating and you wanna hate on there job and what they bringin to the table. Ima hate on you and your job what you doing is worthless and wont even get written down in the book of life for laboring son son

  3. Fuk the video this joint hard as a mothafuker! all 3 killed it. Only a Bytchass minimum wage blogger would pay attention to the visual. Its our fault, we failed on sams generation. I take the blame tho.

  4. Haha. How an I really hating? Rick Ross is dope. He has done dope videos in the past. Recently they have gotten lazy and uncreative with videos. But because he “gets money” everything he does is legitimized. I'm just calling it how I see it. Maybe I shouldn't have an opinion and be like all the other bloggers who just co sign everything, which makes their opinion worth nothing.

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