Dee-1 Calls Out The Game With “Jay, 50 & Weezy”

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So Dee-1 is a New Orleans teacher turned MC.  He did this really cool video in which he kind of calls out the rap game.  He expects more of these rappers, and after watching it, I kind of expect more to.  Check him out.




  1. Change is inevitable. Watch out all you dumb rappers. Cuz the New West, as well as every other part of the country got a new breed of rapper coming out and he's smart. Suckas!!!!!!!

  2. Yo this Kat is definitly something to be excited about and this further proof that it dont matter where the fuck you from cuz I'm from Ny and if this dude was to drop an album I would cop it. If you bring something original to the table people will listen, I mean he aint bangin you over the head with crazy punchlines and metaphors but the message is dope and he spittin something to make you think. Love the Jay z kweli line.

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