Diamond Gets Her Car Repossessed While Shooting A Video

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Wow!  This is embarrassing.  Can’t really say I’m surprised.  Just because someone had a minor hit a couple of years ago doesn’t mean they are set for life.  This is just funny because it happened at a rap music video shoot which is the epicenter for gawdy materialism and she is getting her car jerked.  Let this be a lesson in money management.  Don’t get things financed when you can’t actually finance them.




  1. EL OH Fuckin EL!

    I love how rappers always talk about how much money they have and then something like this happens. Priceless. Also, agreed on money management. MC DIamond Hammer.

  2. lol broke ass bitch, i love how these industry hoes act like they ballin outta control when they not!!! This bitch got her camaro reposessed!!!….let me say that again….HER CAMARO…..At most that car is worth about 50 thousand, i could somewhat understand it if you were riding around in a maybach, aston or bentley…but a camaro? …lol broke bitch

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