Diddy: “My Banned Commercial Needs to Be Seen!”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      As we reported earlier this week, Diddy’s new commercial for his “Unforgivable for Women” perfume was banned from MTV for being too racy. Diddy is still refusing to edit the add, so he’s releasing the long-form commercial himself through his MySpace page.

       "I feel strongly that this movie needs to be viewed and judged by the public rather than by executives,” Diddy said in a statement. “Some people may be uncomfortable with the sensuality and sexual content, but it is important for them to make that decision personally. Since we launched the Sean John brand 10 years ago, we have taken chances and done many non-traditional things. This three minute movie is no different; it will revolutionize the way people view fragrances forever."

      To see some other banned commercials from Diddy check out  SEAN JOHN. But here’s the banned commercial MTV refuses to play: CLICK HERE TO VIEW


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