Diddy Really Needs You To Buy This Album..

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After the last train to Paris was derailed multiple times it finally had its time to shine on the 14th. Im not sure how it`ll do on album sales but with such heavy hitters on the album like Swizz Beats,Lil Wayne,,TI,B.I.G.,Trey Songz,Wiz Khalifa,Drakeand Usher the album def sounds like it was not cheap to make. With the massive ad campaign there is no way to make that money back unless he pulls Drake numbers.

For his latest promo attempt on 106 and park he even resorted to give out money and checks throughout the show. I dont know how throwing money away will get anyone to buy this album but how do you think he will do in album sales? Wood? wood and half? Maybe I`m hating but we`ll see.



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