Diddy’s 12-Year Old Son Gets Lap Dances, Humps a Girl on Camera

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By: Rizoh

      Diddy’s 12-year old son, Justin Combs, was captured getting a lap dance from an unidentified girl in some photos that have also leaked onto the Internet.

       Still on the topic of Diddy’s kid gone wild, a video which shows Justin bumping and grinding with his friends has found its way onto the Internet. In the clip, Justin and step-brother Quincy—Kim Porter’s son with singer Al B Sure—are seen dancing around with their friends for about 7 minutes.

      We waited till the end of the video to see if a responsible adult will show up to send the kids on time-out, but all we got was more images of Justin humping a teenage-looking girl and licking his tongue.

      Justin is Diddy’s son from a previous relationship with stylist Misa Hylton-Brim.

Should Diddy be held accountable for his son’s actions? See the video for yourself:


  1. pay attention on what u r doin by posting this on the net without bein able to sign in cause if u can post it like that u r as irresponsible as as diddy if there was any wrong doing there was no girl in front of him while that little boy was dancing the one that was pointed to look at (green shirt in left corner) and if u show this so we can stand in judgement well u might as well judge yourself for showing this and every body in the world media that show music videos between 3:30 to 7:30 that show this type of dancing on tv but nobody wants to diss their homies right …. so whats the priority making money viewers on a sight or properly raise your younganz holla back

  2. on the real i feel this iz thie tightest web sight i’ve ever been on an i feel that better events wit the real could be posted on here like what happened to all the old school greats of hip hop at likewheres g_rapp what up wit mell e mell or how much all of slick rick jewelry weigh Ha Ha naaahhhh meannn hip hoppers today need to know for real abou these pioneers cauz hip hop is life and power

  3. So, you don’t think that a 12-yr old engaging in immoral acts is not worthy of calling attention to? Well, guess what? Since the news started making rounds, the child’s mother has spoken out saying that she doesn’t condone this type of behavior. His security entourage has also been reportedly dismissed for allowing this nonsense to occur. The real culprits here are the parents, but that’s another story.

    This is absolutely not acceptable, and I’m glad we called them out on it. Period.

  4. The only thing wrong with this video was Justin jirating (hopefully I spelled it right) on the girl. He is middle school aged, and I can definately attest to doing the same things when I was his age without my own video though. Therefore the video is “somewhat unappropriate”, and only calls for some slight reprimand to young Mr. Combs for humping the young lady from the back. We just need to understand that they are just kids, and Human Behavior is a learning process, hopefully when he’s 13 he will not be broadcasting his business on the web and humping.
    F.Y.I. – I can’t not lie, they did a heck of a job with the choreography better than some of the artist.

  5. That kid Justin is a little Mini-Me Diddy Clone. This is so funny. We didnt have these jams in the 80s to BUG out to when we were kids. We had NWA, Heavy D, Michael Jackson and all that good stuff. This video is not bad. These kids are having fun and thats the point nobody is getting hurt. The Media would point at this as a terrible video but Im like What the Heck? If I was the guardian I wouldnt worry about that situation. These kids are the Future of HipHop LET THEM BE!!!!

  6. I have one point to make…When I was a kid I did everything that Justin did and more…but there comes a point in life when we as adults have to decide what’s considered appropriate or not. Think back to when you were a child and think of all the nasty lil games we played catch a girl get a girl, house all that shit…it was fun because we were young…but see now I have three children one who is turning into a very beautiful young teen. Taboo? ha ha… think to yourself do you want your daughter or son knowing more about sex or sexual actions than they do about their school work?…hell no. Before you justify what he did think about what his parents didn’t do! And that’s coming from a real fuckin parent and Hip-Hop fan!

  7. so wat he jus havin fun like boys do. At least we kno he aint gay if a woman did give him a lap dance! That’s sumthin 4 his parents 2 deal wit’ not us. I hate when sumbody is concerned about sumthin dat aint got nuttin 2 do with them.

  8. Well i didnt see anything to wrong with the video (the kids are all good dancers) Cause we all know that we did way worse when we were their age in a room alone with some music. At some point you have to let kids be kids and learn on their own, Plus its not like he grab the girl she brought her hot ass in the middle of some boy during a R. kelly song (that they young butts were probably concieved to)We’ve all done it let it go

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