Diplo Going Ham In Trinidad

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Recently current super producer Diplo was in Trinidad going #Banoodles with homie @Jillionaire here’s some his pics & journal entry spotted at Vanity Fair.

“To understand Trinidad’s culture, you have to understand its entire population is split down the middle between East Indians, brought here as workers through the 19th century‚ and Africans, brought here as slaves until slavery’s abolition. It has a smattering of European, Chinese, and Syrian people, like the rest of the Caribbean. It’s the mix of Indian culture; the celebratory spirit, religion, and food of Africa; the music and dance of Europe; and Latin America’s Catholicism-plus lots of rum. Our first party on this trip was East Indian ladies’ night out. It’s just so strange for me to see Indian kids half-naked with tattoos, screaming and cursing and dutty-wining all through a party. In the U.S., they get the reputation of being med-school robots, not hard-drinking party animals. The star that night was Machel Montano. He’s the Justin Bieber of Trinidad and Tobago. The first 10 rows of people crowding up to the stage were all women-swooning, jumping, trying to get a chance to touch his pants. He screamed to the crowd to “March on” and “Trample them!” or “We have an advantage.” You’d think Trinidad was at war with the Grenadines or Guyana-it was like something out of Club Paradise starring Robin Williams. Now war chants are soca-music mainstays, and Machel gets into that battle zone around Carnival. Everyone was trying to secure the title of soca monarch, and run the town during the three or four days of madness.”