Dizzee Rascal Needs To Hold His Mouf

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British MC Dizzee Rascal was on his way to perform at the Optimus Alive music festival in Portugal last Saturday, that is until he got himself kicked off a plane. Apparently Dizzie was not so nice to the crew on his British Airways flight when the plane was delayed right before takeoff due to technical difficulties. Now the UK native may potentially be banned from ever flying with British Airways for the rest of his life. Daily Mail has the rest.  Hold Ya Mouf Dizzie!

Officers arrived after the plane’s crew notified the police. “The singer was verbally abusive to staff,” said an airport source. “This will not be tolerated. He was taken off the aircraft and was not allowed to continue his route on any other British Airways plane.”

“There will be an internal investigation and a decision will be taken as to whether he will ever be allowed to fly with British Airways again.”

According to the rapper’s spokesman, “unprofessional behavior” by a member of the cabin crew “led to a confrontation whereby mutual parties agreed Dizzee leave the plane.”



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