Doctor Analyzes Kim Kardashians “Booty X-Ray” Pics

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A few days ago we presented pics that Kim Kardashian claimed was undeniable proof that her cakes were real. Well a filmed trip to the doctor still wasnt enough proof for some so rumor fix contacted Dr. Drew Ordon to analyze the pics.

“…based on Kim Kardashian’s basic body style/type which is part of her gene makeup, she’s what we call a mesomorph,” he added. “She’s a big curvaceous woman, she’s zoftig and rubenesque, therefore she just may have gotten those traits genetically. She may have just been born with that butt. These are my comments as a professional.” (Rumor Fix)

He also added that just because someone doesnt have implants it doesn’t mean they couldnt have had a Brazilian lift done.

..with the classical Brazilian butt lift, yes, you’re using your own fat which you’re taking from one part of the body which you’ve gotten from liposuction and putting it in another part of the body,” Ordon explained. “And on x-ray you would not be able to tell if that was done so she may in fact had the classical Brazilian butt lift using her own fat.” (Rumor Fix)

There you have it from a cake expert himself. The cakes are real! Whether lifted or not there are no implants in that thing. Now if she can only address the supposed recent videos of her creeping with Ray-J.