Does Prince Have A Point About Free Music?

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I know Prince is a musical genius and all, but like most geniuses he is a little crazy.  However, he was on the Lopez show and I thought he had a valid point about music being free.  I definitely am guilty of putting a price tag on things now and again.  So if something is free, do we automatically assume it has less valuable?

  • George Lopez: Do you think the internet has helped music?
    Prince: It’s helped the people who sell the music, for an artist they don’t make the money they use to and I think we tend to not value things we can get for free. If you put anything in the place of music and say you got it for free, you’ll see what I’m talking about.




  1. When anything is created for the sole purpose of making a profit than it is not art. Art is a form of expression and true artistry is its own currency. People need to stop giving these people the title of artist. Tehy themselves need to stop considering themselves artists. Most of them are far from artistic. They are entertainers and nothing more.

  2. Ok, so what ever happened to using your talents or artistry to make a living. A artist that can paint beautiful works of art on canvas and decides to sell them in an art gallery is not considered “an entertainer for the eyes” just because now they choose to do something they truly enjoy and be able to maintain their life being doing so?

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