Doing Too Much: The 5 Most “Extra” People In Hip-Hop

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If I have one pet peeve, it’s people who over-do things as a way of over-compensating for shortcomings in their character.  When I see people who fit into this category, I reserve a special place in my memory for them.  In this thing we call Hip-Hop, we have to make allowances for artists to be somewhat over-the top.  People like Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne or Rick Ross entertain us and make great music in the meanwhile.  But some artists really just play themselves by being more than they need to be.  So here is my list of the 5 most “extra” people in the game doing way too much:

5. 50 Cent


I was and still am a fan of 50‘s, but recently I cram to understand “why” he does what he does.  You’ve had an unbelievable career, made your boys millions and had one good investment that paid you $400 million. The extra beef on insignificant rappers and the lack of good music is what puzzles me.  If you don’t need to make pop music, why don’t you just make that gangsta sh!t that we all used to love?  Curtis’s “extraness” is like a flat tire – an easy fix, but literally has him stuck on the side of the road looking for help.

4. Nicki Minaj


Nicki makes this list because she has shown potential on certain tracks, but chooses to be over the top with not only her appearance, but her performances as well.  Her robotic flow along with that Barbie/Stan syndrome she has infected every girl in the hood with gets annoying really quick.  I don’t mind some of the extra stuff (her body the truth – even with the enhancements), but she gets into overdose mode too often.  Maybe she’ll fall back depending on her first-album sales.

3. Birdman


Birdman is often the target of ridicule from my end.  He chooses to be extra for no damn reason as a lifestyle more than for record sales.  As illustrated by these 5-point Blood stars on his head, dude is completely out of control with proving his gangsta.  He’s made some of the best moves a record label could make in the past couple of years, but I would rather him actually shoot a Crip then see him repping  his set by getting more stars around his lips or on his nose.

2. DJ Khaled


Talk about taking being extra to the limit.  He is the only person on this list that I truly believe that has absolutely no talent and has made a career by ass-kissing and being completely extra.  DJ Khaled is a Hall-Of-Famer when it comes to doing too much.  He talks too much, he puts too many people on his records and he never sounds like he’s having a regular conversation with anyone.  All of his actions look like he is always on camera – never natural.  He even eats too damn much!  Now he’s on Cash Money with two other people on this list and I cringe at the thought of them on a song together.

1. Wil.I.Am


Nothing gets under my skin more than a coon fronting like he’s artistic.  This guy has made tens of millions of dollars passing himself off as someone that is pushing the envelope of music, but the reason he’s been able to get rich is that he’s in the most pop-friendly safe group in the history of hip-hop. There are certian things you should never do if you are Black – one is that you dress up the way White people used to dress to demean and insult Black people.  Wil.I.Am really forgot for a second that everyone still considers you Black even though you may think your some alien or profound artist.  You make music that is played in commericals and movie soundtracks. No one wakes up loading a clip preparing for a revolution listening to “Imma Be”.  For thinking you are something you aren’t and taking that picture above, you are crowned the most extra person in hip-hop.  Congrats!

FTW – Your name is William (with your extra ass!)

Honorable Mentions:

Flavor Flav

Nick Cannon

Ray J


  1. Umm the list is pretty accurate cant really disagree with you on that, the only thing I will disagree on though is Khaled now look I am in no way shape or form a khaled fan but one thing I gotta defend is his ability to unite artist and at least he seems to give a shit about putting out some decent music thats more than you can say for most of these artists out here. The nigga does act like a fuckin bufoon though but in an era where all niggaz do is beef and dont give a fuck about the music at least this nigga makes an effort you feel what I'm saying?

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