Domo Genesis & Buddy Trade Clever Verses on “Consecutive Normal Punches”

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The two California natives link up for excellence.

California is a sprawling hotbed for hip-hop greatness. And not just in terms of the many icons that they’ve minted–like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, etc.–but also because of the diverse sonic pockets that it’s developed through its gestation: Bay Area has a swag completely unto itself; Compton is known for producing more gangster music.

This rich tradition of consistently producing perennial talent coupled with each city’s eclectic muscality plants California firmly at the intersection of innovation and results. That tradition continues with some of Cali’s better kept secrets, Buddy and Domo Genesis, who are from Compton and Inglewood, respectively. Today, the two 20-somethings have linked on “Consecutive Normal Punches” where they effortlessly trade clever verses in the name of friendly competition.

Listen to “Consecutive Normal Punches” below: