Double The Lawsuit, Double The Fun

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Chris Brown is being sued again…and not for assaulting someone this time. The singer is reportedly being sued by Wrigley to recoup the millions of dollars they spent on his endorsement deal for Doublemint Gum that spiraled downward when he was charged with assault.

Chris had apparently signed up for another five year contract with Wrigley and finished a number of commercials, then he beat up Rihanna on Grammy night and Wrigley pulled the ads and fired Chris.

Now they are said to be preparing to sue Chris for all the money they lost due to his behavior and sudden negative image. They spent big bucks on the ads featuring Chris along with other celebrities like Jay-Z and Mariah Carey.

Chris better hope his album does well so he can pay off some more lawyer fees because you know Wrigley’s coming for that money!