Drag-On Walks Aways from Ruff Ryders

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By: Rizoh

      Former Ruff Ryders artist, Drag-On, is ready to step out and take destiny into his hands by establishing his own imprint, Hood Environment Records.

      "I’ve been in the game for 10 years, grinding and putting out hits. I’m still young, but I’ve learned enough to know what it is to run a label," explained the rapper. "I know what it takes to break an artist. Those are tricks of the trade that I studied within my career."

      Drag-On released Opposite of H2O and Hell And Back on Ruff Ryders, but has since watched his career come to a standstill. He has also released five mixtapes, and is currently working on the first release under Hood Environment named after the label, which features his artists Terra Da Dude, Eyez B and Glockman.

      The first single, "Shoe Box," is currently out and making its rounds on the internet and radio stations.


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