EarthGang & Young Thug Are “Proud Of U” on New Single

4 years ago view-show 110,880

A new single from EarthGang’s forthcoming album, Mirrorland.

Young Thug’s eccentric artistry can seemingly lend itself to any collaboration. Whether he’s working with protégé Gunna or remixing an Elton John classic, Thug’s presence seems to always create a fearless soundscape that we didn’t know was necessary, but are damn glad that he presented it. Today, he continues this pursuit of sutured sounds by hopping on the new EarthGang track “Proud Of U”.

A single from EarthGang’s anticipated new album, Mirrorland, “Proud Of U” pleasantly combines the artistic idiosyncrasies of Thugger and the J. Cole-signed duo, distilling their complementary sounds into one hell of a track. While the initial listen might be an auditory shock to the system, like so many Thug tracks, “Proud Of U” ages gracefully with each listen.

As fans grow impatient waiting for Mirrorland, they can seek refuge in knowing that patience is a virtue, and that “Proud Of U” is a bonafide hit.

Listen to the new track below: