Eazy-E’s Partner Jerry Heller Starts a New Label

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By: Rizoh
      If you google "Jerry Heller" you’re likely to find the name Eazy-E in the same breath as Heller’s. That’s no surprise because Heller was the co-founder of Eazy’s Ruthless Records, and a former manager of N.W.A.
       For those wondering what Heller has been up to lately, he has just joined forces with veteran producer Johnny J, who produced over 150 songs with Tupac Shakur, to form a new record company Streetlife/Klockwork Records. Heller’s third partner in the new venture is Pablito Vasquez, who will serve as a liaison between the artistic and the business ends of the company, and heads up Streetlife Productions.

      "Our goal is to bring back economic integrity to the music business," Heller told HIPHOPCRACK.COM. He added that the record industry was supposed to be a win-win situation between the artists and the labels. "The way the business is structured now, however, many artists on major labels have to sell close to a million and a half units to recoup and break even. That is not what our label will be about. The music industry is supposed to be about everyone involved making money."  The label’s legal representation will be handled by Jay L. Cooper, Chair, West Coast Entertainment Division, Greenberg Traurig, LLP.

      Johnny J, who owns Klockwork Entertainment, compared the label’s aspirational legacy to that of Tupac Shakur. , "Just like Tupac’s music, this will be universal," he declared.


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