Eddie Winslow Tried To Kill Superhead

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At least according to a text message that Superhead Karrine Steffans sent to Perez Hiton:

U have to help me. My boyfriend just tried to run over me with his car. [I] Just made a police report. In August, he placed me in a choke hold at a strip club on my birthday. There’s a report and photos of that. There was another choking I never reported but is now being investigated… He’ll kill me if I go on with this. YES…Eddie Winslow from Family Matters!”


  1. Skillz-Inc I feel you on that. She need that publicity. She’s starting to see her self back on her knees with a wet mouth..lol At least now she’ll get paid for it. Justin Slayer here she comes. Why would you burn yourself up like that. You were doing videos and legit big screen pictures. Now your writting book about being a tattle tail hoe and doing porn. That’s one hell of a back peddal!

  2. couple things are funny… Superhead alone makes women look bad??? Thats one we can argue about in the bedroom ‘redcherry’. Is it me, or the Justin Slayer comment was crazy being he the wackest nigga in porn. Dog, i cant watch ya boi videos 4 shit. I dont kno y, The women be fine, but his scenes b backseat. i dont think I could even stomach a supahead/J slay scene. It’ll help both they carrers tho’

  3. i don’t know how he ended up fallin 4 her anyway. He got on Tom Joyner talkin bout thats his Boo. fukin that many guys n she yo Boo! I don’t even wanna c her n Kingz mag

  4. She’s the one with the mental issues.She just (literally & metaphysically)sucked that brother’s energy til he lost his wits. Just peep the interview she did with Jamie Foxx in the featured audio section. Or read the interview in the Sista 2 Sista mag-she constantly contradicts herself

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