Eminem Cleared of Domestic Violence Against 13-Year Old Niece

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By: Rizoh

      Eminem has been cleared of all charges, after a domestic violence investigation involving the 13-year old niece of estranged wife Kim Mathers. Although, the niece claimed that Eminem (born Marshall Mathers) poked her in the head and threatened to kill her for hanging up the fun on him, Macomb County police didn’t find enough evidence to warrant an arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence. According to The Macomb Daily, the investigations ensued from an argument Em had on September 24th with his niece.

      Eminem, who is the midst of divorce proceedings with Kim, yelled, "I’ll kill you," and grabbed the girl’s cell phone as he left the home that Sunday. Eminem also made a reference to Kim Mathers while scolding the girl.

      "Don’t you ever hang up on me again," the girl quotes her uncle saying, in a written statement to police. "The next time you do you won’t have anything at my house and will never see me again. And you wanna know the reason I left your aunt was because she had hung up on me." The girl argues in the police report that Eminem "was poking me in the head" and moments later raised his hand "as if he was going to hit me."

      Investigators from Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and county Prosecutor’s Office agreed that Eminem’s actions did not necessitate an arrest warrant for misdemeanor domestic violence. "There were no injuries and nothing to give an indication of a domestic assault," Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said. "We don’t think there was any intent to hurt her."

      James Langtry, chief of operations at the prosecutor’s office, said Marshall Mathers did not receive any special consideration due to his celebrity status. "We treated it as any other criminal allegation brought to us," Langtry said. "There was insufficient evidence to warrant any criminal charges."


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