Enough is Enough to Protest Outside Home of BET Exec.

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By: Rizoh

      Citizen for Change Inc. is championing a protest dubbed “Enough is Enough” stop the portrayal of negative images of African-Americans in the entertainment industry. The “Enough is Enough” campaign will hold a rally at the Washington DC residence of BET CEO Debra L. Lee on Saturday, September 15th, at 1:00 pm.


      According to the group’s Web site, enoghisenoughcampaign.com, the purpose of the campaign is to “protest the commercialization and marketing of negative and derogatory images of black men and women in the entertainment industry.”


       “The movement recognizes the power of media and entertainment corporations to shape American attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and even policies by and about people of color,” said Pastor Delman L. Coates, Ph.D., the campaign organizer. “Music companies do not equitably apply standards of obscenity for music that is offensive to blacks as for other groups.”

      The organization plans to hold weekly demonstrations every Saturday.


  1. The truth is nothing is going to change until all of the Black community says enough is enough. As long as there is a demand these media outlets will supply. It is all about the mighty dollar. Yes, I feel this is a good cause,but I also feel that not too much will be accomplished.

  2. What is this going to do for us as a people? Changing our image on TV don’t do nothing.
    Sex,violence and drugs got the game on lock and it’s gone stay that way until every nigga in every hood decided for themselves that they are going to stop being niggas until then it ain’t happening. This is another one of them obstacles set up by Bush and Condolesa to get our mind off the war again!
    Ya’ll better wake up bitches.

  3. Delman Coates:
    I am compelled to write and share from the perspective of someone who sits in your congregation weekly. We agree and believe that we should hold fast to our morals and stand for what is right, but your stance on having zero tolerance is not scriptural and is really a self-righteous perspective. If God had zero tolerance for anything – you, I and many others would have been wiped off this planet long ago. Some of us even deserve to be wiped off TWICE! We cannot manipulate the scriptures to accommodate a vendetta or desire to be the ‘anti-BET’ poster child.

    The obsession you have for media conglomerates is beyond reason and it is obvious that this matter exceeds a Pastoral concern. Lately on Sundays you talk about RadioOne, the FCC and BET more than you do about G-O-D! What has happened?

    At this point I believe we owe Debra Lee an apology for the mockery we have made as alleged Christians.

    “Ms. L”

    A Mt. Ennon Congregant

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