ESPN 2.0 on Xbox 360 Shows Promise

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ESPN on Xbox 360, from what I’m told, is pretty handy in letting sports fans watch live events broadcasted on the network with nothing but a system and a Gold membership. Now the service is branching out with a new layout and what looks like robust additions. For instance, the new mini guide displays multiple live sports scores and highlights while you watch your content. Additionally, you can split the screen to watch two programs at once as well as devote one to live TV and the other to playing back highlights. Everything looks relatively smooth in the preview build and even includes Kinect support if you want to control it with your voice.

It all looks much better than it reads. Unfortunately, we can’t get an embed of the demo just yet. Check out Gizmodo’s in-depth preview for more information. It’ll be worth your while if you regularly use the app. In the meantime I’ll just keep waiting until my ISP strikes a deal with ESPN so I can use this stuff.