ESPN Documentary “The Trial Of Allen Iverson”

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Last night, ESPN aired the most recent installment in its 30 For 30 series, covering the 1993 trial of then high schooler Allen Iverson based on his involvement in a brawl at a bowling alley in Hampton, VA.  Iverson, quite possibly the most controversial athlete of the past 20 years, was a star high schooler when he was charged with hitting a woman over the head with a chair, then throwing it at her, causing her to have a concussion and require 6 stitches.  The trial surrounding the incident become a huge racial issue in the area of Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk, Virginia, and to this day is a source of racial struggles in the three connected Virginia cities.  With all of the recent controversy surrounding A.I., it’s very interesting to look back and see where the drama all started.