Fabolous Hires Private Investigators

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By: Rizoh

      Fabolous has hired private investigators to look into his shooting and arrest, as well as the robbery of Boston Celtics guard Sebastian Telfair. As we reported earlier, Fabolous was shot and wounded in his right thigh Tuesday morning (October 17), after an altercation near Justin’s Restaurant in Manhattan, NY .

      According to reports, surveillance video captured two members of Fabolous’ entourage robbing Telfair for his chain outside Justin’s shortly before the Brooklyn rapper was struck.
Sources claimed Telfair saw the men inside Justin’s and made a cell phone call. The security camera also allegedly caught Fabolous’ shooter fleeing in a gray car. 

      Fabolous’ lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, told The New York Post that Fabo’s decision to hire private investigators is an attempt to clear the weapons-possession charges leveled against the rapper.

       "He was shot," said Ebanks. "I think that’s the classic definition of a victim."


  1. and why wouldnt he be the victim? didnt he get shot? what did he do wrong? shit from what im reading his entourage did the crime, so is it true….if your with them then your just as guilty? i dont think so.. we all grown around here.

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