Fat Joe Disses 50 Cent and G-Unit

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  1. Fat Joe is some fucking cut, he is embarassing Pilon. No self respecting Bronx nigga from the eighties would rock all that clown shit. Get real joe, you are wack and have always been wack. You are not lyrical.

  2. Fat joe is wack only reason he in the game is because pun is gone lean back was hot the track he got out now is so fucking wack his lyrics are all about cloths and jewels and other shit Ill probably never have go head wit your materialistic ass make music the people not that uncle tom shit fuck all these hustlers driving the game into the ground

  3. Crack’s a clown he claims he doesn’t need security but on that Mtv Barbersho show who entered before him his two body guards and his flow is wack 50’s over played but Loxz last time I checked fif still makes underground diss classics like his wayne diss “part time lovers” the albums are for white people and money reasons last I checked the curtis was top four in 2007 rap album sales the mass was only outsold by mariah carey in 2k5

  4. notice it took Fatty clause (look at his outfit) 4 months to respond to fifs comments he made in Sept all these rappers are actors looking to promote thier music which we all download for free off the internet these days the music industry is dead as we know better tour, endorse something hot or have a great clothing line, or claim unemployment.

  5. real talk fat joe is under rated he been in da game since 92..and got alot of hot tracks ya niggaz must not have ever even heard a joe album..now he aint all dat 4 sure but hes better then 80% of these garbage ass niggaz out now….and he do b in da clubs chillen in da crowd like he aint famous….

  6. yo on some real like fat joe is the worst..he had like 2 songs dat wer hot…but not he comin at 50….and everybody kno who ever come at 50 get chewed up by eminem…..SHADY RECORDS 4 LYFE…G-UNIT BITCHES

  7. hate to say it but joe’s right…evrything he said is true, buck n banks 2nd albums, out the door, make it rain and lean back, its all true….. but i will say this, 50 is still the king…. cuz fat joe gotta work to sell records, people buy 50’s cd cuz its 50, that simple

  8. MAnn get the fuck off 50 dick u hoes joe crack got it all he’s murderin 50 hands down 50 jus got a lil cake and think he better nigga yo lyrics is GARBAGE,2or3 cd’s and they GARBAGE 400mill nigga getchu a ghostwriter or summthin wicho suckey ass respect the movement WE DA BEST BITCH!!!!!!! HA HA

  9. ” Don Cartagena”, “What’s Luv”, “Get It Poppin”, and “Make It Rain”, are Fat Joes other hit records beside “lean back” and there is more alot more every year. 50 not qiet name the hits he had off his latest???? None, right… You know how many people he got songs with, almost every one in the Game real wrap, ya’ll dick riding Gay Unit fags need to stop chewing the skin of 50 dick because he ain’t shit…..Plus he’s a snitch.

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