Fetty Wap Returns With “Pretty Thang”

4 years ago view-show 17,523

Please let this revive summer ’15 vibes.

Ah, the summer of 2015. It was a simpler time, a time when our biggest worry was not hitting beach traffic and trying to find air conditioned shelter. It also marked the exponential rise of Fetty Wap, with his omnipresent hits like “Trap Queen” and “My Way”. 

Five-years later, and here we are in the midst of a pandemic; the looming threat of an infectious disease has compromised our sense of peace. But maybe, just maybe, it’s a re-introduction of Fetty Wap that will help get us through these difficult times. And now, the man who ruled the charts once upon a time has returned with his new single, “Pretty Thang.”

Check out Fetty Wap’s new single below: