Fire Your Stylist: Remy Edition

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By: Dee
      I know I’m not the only who’s seen rapper Remy Ma on various occasions and wondered why her friends let her come out the house looking crazy like that.  Then I recently found out that it’s her friend who is styling her.  Karu Daniels of AOL Black Voices caught up with her friend/stylist, Monica Smith and talked to her about Remy’s style. She basically said that Remy doesn’t really like a lot of colors and the stand out thing about Remy is her black and blonde hair. I understand wanting to work with a friend because she knows you better than anyone else.  But if your friend’s work is not improving your situation, you need to let them go.  Remy is an attractive girl, but she needs to hire a professional stylist to help her step her style game up. 




  1. i like remy, but this article is roght on point!!!! remy got some issues in the dress department. now people say lil’ kim is a mess but honestly remy took the cake on this one.

  2. remy is a mess from her style to her face to her personality. i love her as a rapper though, but i hate hearing her carry on a convo. sounds like a straight up dude. and she looks like a pitbull so better styling would definately help her situation out.

  3. Yo on som real rap other tip time i think that remy kno damn well wat she waz doin…..n if she wont 2 look a foul she can look a foul n still pull em… juss stop hatin n think bout stapion ur game^…. ya dig

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