Five Years later, Jam Master Jay Murder Still Unsolved

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It was the day before Halloween in 2002 when shots rang out in a Queens, New York studio that left the legendary DJ and founding member of Run-DMC, Jay Master Jay dead. Five years later, police are still investigating and the people who were at the crime scene aren’t talking.

      "It’s five years already and none of his so-called friends that were in the studio have come forth yet," Jay’s brother, Marvin Thompson, 53, told the New York Daily News. “Come on – you were in the studio and you didn’t see nothing? It just doesn’t make no sense. … As far as I’m concerned, everybody that was there and hasn’t said anything had something to do with it."

      Thompson’s comments are directed towards Randy Allen, Jay’s longtime business partner, and his sister, Lydia High, who allegedly buzzed the killers into the studio. In April prosecutors implicated Ronald “Tinard” Washington in the murder, but he claims he was outside of the studio when it happened.             Washington said that Darren (Big Dee) Jordan, a former promoter for Island Def Jam Recordings, and his son, Karl Darren (Little Dee) Jordan are the ones that carried out the murder. But prosecutors claim that Washington entered the studio waving a gun to provide cover for another person to kill Jay.

      "I have bitterness for a lot of people, but I just keep it to myself now," said Jay’s sister, Bonita Jones, 49, told the New York Daily News. "I really just want some closure. I want to know who did it and why they did it. Somebody out there knows."


  1. this stop snitchin bullshit needs to stop….cause of all of the “stop snitching” the man’s poor family is suffering becuase people arn’t saying who the asshole who shot jay was.

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