Flavor Flav Is Still Looking for Love

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By: Rizoh

      If you thought Flavor Flav had stopped looking for love after picking Deelishis as the winner of Flavor of Love II, then think again. The Vh1 reality star and former Public Enemy hypeman says he is looking for love, specifically for the "good-girl type."

      Flavor Flav, 47,  who searched for love on the VH-1 series "Flavor of Love," told the New York Post what he desires  in women. "Honestly, I look for the good-girl type," said Flav, born William Jonathan Drayton Jr. "The faithful type, you know what I’m sayin’? A woman that is a very strong on holding down the home front. A woman who is going to stand up for hers.

      What about Deelishis? Flava says that his first post-Flavor of Love date with Deelishis (real name London Charles) will be a memorable one. "I haven’t premeditated the date yet but she’s going to get a hell of date when she does get it," said Flav.


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