Flesh-N-Bone Arrested During Concert

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According to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Flesh-N-Bone was arrested at show in Bone Thugs N Harmony  home town, Cleveland Ohio. Police say 36 year old Flesh-N-Bone whose government name is Stanley Howse was arrested for being wanted on two charges, domestic violence and felonious assault which happened in 1998 . Police reports are saying he hit his mother with a gun (pistol whip). The San Diego Union-Tribune say that Flesh took a piece of flesh off his mother leaving her with a 1 inch gash on her head. Sheriff’s spokesman John O’Brien says deputies didn’t wait until after the show because Howse seemed to notice them, invited audience members to the stage and tried to slip out but was arrested backstage.


  1. What the hell is he doing?… this just killed all my hopes for another classic bone album.

    and his moms?? who in his right mind hits his own mother? that better not be what actually happened.

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