Floppin Or Poppin: Can Dre Save Rich Boy?

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Recent photos emerged of Rich Boy looking like he has fell on some hard times but his first album did very well and then he just fell off..Mike Jones style. Many forget Rich Boy’s self-titled debut boasted considerable production credits, featuring Polow da Don, Lil Jon, Mr. DJ, Needlz and others.

That tradition will continue, it seems, as the Interscope signee revealed that Dr. Dre would be contributing to the album. “Yeah, I’m on the way to the second album of my career,” said Rich Boy in an interview with XXLMag.com. “I’ve just been up here workin’ with Polow, and workin’ with Dr. Dre… Been workin’ with all kinds of people, but those are the main two people that I’ve just been seein’ on a day-to-day note tryin’ to put it together. Polow’s the executive producer of the second [album].”
Can he recreate the magic from his first album or is it a wrap for him?12-05-07_1732112