Foxy Brown Leaves Def Jam, Heads to Koch Records

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By: Rizoh

      Foxy Brown has left Def Jam Records to start her own independent label.  Brown’s imprint, Black Rose Entertainment, will be distributed through indy giants Koch Records.


      With the label politics behind her, Foxy can now focus on what the fans really care about: releasing her long-delayed comeback album. The LP, now dubbed Brooklyn’s Don Diva, will be her first CD since regaining her hearing.


“I’ve always been a symbol of independence as a female in music,” said Foxy Brown in a statement. “My brand is already established, millions of my records have already been sold, and I have a fan base already loyal, after 13 years at Def Jam, I felt it was time as a matured business woman to move on and continue my brand under the roof of something I own.”


      It’s been a long wait for hip-hop fans and even Foxy will agree. “I have two albums of music recorded, and my fans have waited long enough, I’m back b****es!!!”


The first single from Brooklyn’s Don Diva will hit the airwave within the next few weeks, with album arriving in December.


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