Gaga Discusses Her Relationship With Kanye (Vid)

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There was a lot of rumors going around as to why the Gaga/Kanye tour was canceled.  Since the abrupt cancellation of the much talked about Lady Gaga-Kanye West tour, theories for the tour getting axed range from poor ticket sales in the aftermath of Kanye’s outburst at the VMAs to creative differences between them. For the first time ever Gaga cleared the air and spoke on the tour and her relationship with Kanye:


  1. the incident that happened last VMA would have deteriorate the success of kanye’s career. i don’t think that it would be a good idea to have lady gaga and him collaborate in one tour since lady gaga is in the peak of her career. that sounds so absurd to let kanye hop in so that we can just ignore what he did. i think he’ll better be off take some rest for a while. and for with lady gaga, i definitely want to see of her for more! 🙂

  2. well it is what kanye’s price that he should pay off. maybe he will learn on to this from this moment. i guess it was right that fans of wouldn’t wanna get some tickets for the tour since they know that bad thing happened with kanye.

  3. i think she looks dismayed… we can’t blame it for lady gaga… let’s not put all the blame on kanye too. maybe there are some reasons why things should not get on the pace yet.

  4. Kanye West is awesome artist but he’s risking everything on one VMA night. Then he must pay for that incident. Unfortunately in order to gain respect, respect other first. And for lady gaga I really admire her behavior. She’s so down to earth. Keep it up and good luck with your career.

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