Game Expresses His Love For Pharrell With A Tattoo

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Game is really taking his newfound friendship with Pharrell to the next level and decided to get the producer’s Star Trak label logo tatted on his arm.

Pharrell is executive producing Game’s fourth album The R.E.D. Album, which drops February 16, 2010. Game explained his reasons behind the tattoo saying:

Pharrell’s gonna take my career to the next level, keep me ’hood and cross me over at the same time by executive producing my album, so that’s how I show my loyalty. Pharrell is my friend. We’ve created a work bond and established a friendship. Star Trak is gonna make me money in the future—that logo, that brand, that man helping me. That’s something that’s gonna put milk in my refrigerator and help me feed my kids, keep them in private school, and keep them doing what they do.”

It’s interesting how it’s right next to another familiar tattoo that happens to start with a G…well you know what they say about tattooing names, I guess Game didn’t learn the first time though.



  1. Game is the true meaning of a “HOMO-THUG” I don’t understand this dudes actions and I still can’t believe he is the only face of the west currently. I would rather have no representation than to ride wit Game. Straight up.

    P.S. Bay Area Stand UP!

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