Game Accuses Hov Of Being Sterile And Insults “Watch The Throne”

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The Game has no problem expressing his dislike for Jay-Z and just recently he criticized Jay and Ye’s Watch The Throne. “It’s a good 7… well, you know 6 points went to Kanye.”  He never really admitting to having a clear issue with Hov, but it’s obvious and a bit annoying. He tried to cover it up by saying: “Nah, I don’t hate Jay-Z. I’ve got every album from ‘Reasonable Doubt’ to ‘Watch the Throne’.”

He talked about how upset he was to find no instrumental version of “Otis,” so he just did “Uncle Otis.” He even got a little upset when Jenny Boom Boom asked if this bad relationship harmed his chances of doing a collaboration with Hov; stating he doesn’t need Hov. He even got a chance to insult Jay’s fertility and even used the word “sterile” wrong.  “I don’t know. Jay-Z don’t seem too sterile… Beyonce ain’t pregnant.
Hmm, well to each’s own, but I don’t personally think his criticisms of Jay-Z will get him sales or a rating higher than a 7, for his R.E.D. Album. In related news, he put out some snippets of his upcoming album, which is set to release August 23rd. Watch the interview with Hot 93.7 below.


  1. he need 2 stop goin at Jay…it's a waste of breath, like he bn doin dis damn near since 05 and Jay not responding b/c Jay gon thro in subliminal msgs anyay

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