Game vs. Slash

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By: Dee
      The Game recently made a trip to London to do some promotional work but things soon got out of hand.  It all started out as a normal drop session with the Slash TV crew, then it just got ugly.  Watching the video can give you a better perspective on the whole situation. But I will say that the video ends with The Game and his Black Wall Street gang of about 15 pulling off, while the Slash TV crew of 3 are really feeling themselves.  Game just can’t catch a break, if he isn’t beefing with G-Unit, he’s being chased away in the UK…


  1. Dang that niggah GAYME so tough he never smile, just hardcaore niggah…wait just in a picture of him with his chic….okay you got me he is the ghetto black LEAVE IT TO BEAVER

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