Game’s Album Pushed Back … Again

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L.A.X. is now scheduled to drop on July 22nd and will feature artists including Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and Common.

This album will supposedly be his final album before retiring from music.


  1. I guess he has to retire. I believe his contract is for 5 albums. Which means 50 would still be eating off him. Plus he will still be fukin wit him. Doing little petty shit like pushin his album back just cuz he can. I’d retire to. That way he may be able to get out of that contract and get back to making good music. You can imagine the conflict he faces. Eithe mak bullshit music and upset the fans just so you can complete the album deal. Or make fire and be 50’s slave gettin him paid. W hich would you choose?

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