Game’s R.E.D. Album Pushed Back

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Yet another push back, this time it’s for Game’s new “R.E.D.” album. It seems like albums are getting more leaks and pushbacks these days than release dates and sales.

Game confirmed the pushback on his twitter saying the album has been put on hold, he says:

“Album is officially pushed back. says Interscope, so that I can finish wit Dre without having to rush him, myself or the album. Think R.E.D.”

It was originally set for a December release and now a new date has yet to confirmed. He claims that the album will be the most lyrical LP ever and Game has also said that he might even leak the album himself, once again via twitter he says:

“On My Mama, The R.E.D. Album killing ere’thang else in its way when it drop! I SAID ON MY MAMA!!!! I don’t even know how this s**t leaked but it did so listen close and feel my pain. I believe in US. I MIGHT LEAK MY WHOLE ALBUM & START OVER TONITE & STILL GO TRIPLE PLATINUM! DAMN, I’M DOPE. SHIT I’D GO AT BIN LADEN IF THAT NI**A RAPPED.”

Game is not letting the push back get to him as he plans to up one on Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy , as he is releasing four mixtapes in the coming weeks with Nu Jersey Devil, DJ Drama, DJ Haze and DJ Kris Stylez.

You can also check out his first two singles  off the album “Big Money” & “Krazy”.


  1. guess they should go far the exact release date which is on december. if game happens to finish something with dre, then they should’ve let it published on public right away.

  2. is he really excite for the album that is why he gives in to the public and have it push back? whoah, it is a bad thing for the fans to have that high hopes thinking it’ll be out.

  3. maybe sooner is not yet ok to have the album launched. it is better that way so they can do some more arrangements with the songs, collaborations and the album itself.

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