Gang Members…Step It Up!

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Come on!  What type of operation are the Stick Up Boys street gang running here?  You wanna know what my first suggestion is for running a successful criminal operation?  Don’t have members of the organization shooting at cops because they are bored and feel like shooting their gun.  That is not going to give the gang much of low profile.  Now the cops are going to be on the Stick Up Boyz a$$!  It’s hard to do gangster sh*t when the cops are outside cribs waiting to see what the guys who just randomly shoot at them do next.  Step it up Stick Up Boyz!  This is not how you get that Gangland feature.  Actually…maybe it is.

Sidebar:  You know what is really boring?  Sitting in jail for twenty years because you shot at some cops.  Malo…think it through buddy!

(Kare11) A criminal complaints says the officers pulled a suspicious vehicle over near the intersection of Lowry and Penn Avenues North, and were sitting in their squad car when someone opened fire on them.

Fortunately neither officer was struck by the gunfire. An army of police officers conducted an extensive search, some with canines, but no suspects were located.

Investigators from the Minneapolis homicide unit and the Hennepin County Violent Offender Task Force Unit began working the streets and eventually heard that Gomez, a documented member of the Stick Up Boys street gang, was bragging about the shooting.

They talked to an inmate at the Red Wing Correctional Facility who confirmed that Gomez was claiming to be the shooter.

After tracking Gomez’s whereabouts investigators learned he was in the Hennepin County Jail on other charges. They say Gomez admitted to shooting 9 shots at the officers because he was bored and “wanted to fire the gun off.”

Malo Gomez is charged with two counts of first degree attempted murder and two counts of first degree felony assault.


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