Gangstarr releasing their best

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno



 Even though Gangstarr is no longer making music, their impact on hip-hop music is one that can’t be ignored. For 14 years, Guru and DJ Premier made music that pushed production and lyrical content to the forefront of hip-hop. Now their former record label, Virgin/EMI is dropping Mass Appeal: The Best of Gangstarr, a 21-track CD that features their most popular tracks from 1989 to 2003. There will also be a CD/DVD Deluxe edition that will include a DVD with 13 videos. The album is set to drop on December 26. Here’s the tracklisting:


  1.  You Know My Steez

  2.  Manifest

  3.  Step In The Arena

  4.  Mass Appeal

  5.  Ex Girl To The Next Girl

  6.  Skills

  7.  The Militia

  8.  Check The Technique

  9.  Dwyck

  10. Take It Personal

  11. Put Up Or Shut Up

  12. Above The Clouds

  13. Lovesick

  14. Now You’re Mine

  15. Soliloquy Of Chaos

  16. Code Of The Streets

  17. Just To Get A Rep

  18. Royalty

  19. B.Y.S.



  20. Tha Squeeze (from Training Day soundtrack and The Owners

      Japanese import)

  21. Natural (from Spin This soundtrack and The Owners Japanese import)



  DVD Tracklist

  1.  Step In The Arena

  2.  Just To Get A Rep

  3.  Who’s Gonna Take the Weight

  4.  Ex Girl to the Next Girl

  5.  Take It Personal

  6.  Code of the Streets

  7.  Mass Appeal

  8.  You Know My Steez

  9.  The Militia

  10. Full Clip

  11. Discipline (featuring Total)

  12. Nice Girl, Wrong Place

  13. Skills



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