Gilled da Kid: “Birdman Molested Lil’ Wayne”

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By: Rizoh
       Gillie da Kid’s cry for attention has intensified lately. Gillie, a former member of Birdman’s Cash Money family, alleges that since Baby and Lil’ Wayne met when the latter was about 9 years of age, he must have molested Wayne early on in his days as a Cash Money artist.
        "If Baby met Wayne when he was 9—and Baby is about 50, so he had to be damn near 40—at what age did Baby tell Wayne ‘We’re gonna start kissing?’ Was Wayne 12, and he 39? Was Wayne 15, and he 42? I’m just saying, you molested that boy, said Gillie in a recent Sub-Zero DVD. "When you think about Wayne is the only n***a that ain’t left [Cash Money Records]. Why?"
      Gillie, who has the infamous "Baby Kissing Wayne" picture displayed on his website, launched an anti-Cash Money outcry shortly after Lil’ Wayne denied allegations that he ghostwrote many of Wayne’s lyrics on "Tha Carter" and earlier albums.

 Watch the video below:


  1. lol gillie is wack claim to ghostwrite for wayne? yea right gillie aint making hits at all ever ….gillie give up broke azz u never will come up

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