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By: Hot Gossip Gal

OK here is the inside scoop on what really went down at the Grammy’s. New porn star Kim Kardashian hosted the Complex party where word on the street is, her ex leading man, Ray J was thrown out of the event. Hmmmm wonder what that was? She is now saying that she will fight the sex tapes featuring her that Ray J released. However former lover Nick Cannon was allowed to stay as he was working the turntables at the
jamboree. The event was s stop for the Hilton sisters, John Legend and Ashlee Simpson.

Bobby and Whitney were seen dining together before the event without any frequent trips to the bathroom or the parking lot. Pleased to see they can be friends for the sake of their daughter Bobbi, although Whitney has asked for the couples divorce to be speeded up.

The parties were certainly popping in Tinsel Town. Jada and Will hosted a party for Mary J Blige, of course the Clive Davis party just gets better every year, although I still think the one where Jamie Foxx joined Alicia Keys and Angie Stone on stage was the best ever. XM had a party, People had a party and for any party hopper who knows. Grammy night is the best night to be out and about.

Beyonce was a lil hoity toity on the red carpet this year as she declined to give autographs..maybe she hadn’t had time to let her nails dry who knows, but one fan who had been waiting  to catch a glimpse of their fave Dream Girl and nab an autograph expressed their disgust at B. Shouting at the Child of Destiny about how she had waited  for hours to get her to sign an autograph, B succumbed and signed her name away for the avid fan.


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