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Looks like anyone, including the New York Post who believed comments made on a fake Chris Brown face book page were having to retract their words today. Imposters had been making comments on the fake page like ” You’ll begin to see her true colors. Believe it” in regards to the singers girlfriend Rihanna whom he was charged with assaulting last week in Los Angeles during the build up to the Grammy Awards. ‘Credible’ new sources such as the NY Post had written stories based on such comments as if factual but later had to basically eat their words when reps from Brown’s camp actually confirmed that the Facebook page was indeed a fake.
This week on sites and blogs has continued to focus on the story about the two young lovers with a seriously photoshopped picture of Rihanna circulating the net showing what was said to be her injuries caused in Saturday nights fracas. No official comments have been made on the behalf of the couple however family members have spoke out defending their relatives.
Chris Brown however has seen his music pulled off certain terrestial radio stations and from stores such as Target