Has Hip-Hop Gone Too Far?

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A husky black man dressed garishly in drag – blue wig, frosted lipstick – raps and fries chicken on what appears to be a makeshift plantation as African-American children dance around him, sucking on chicken bones. The scene is from "Fry That Chicken" by Ms. Peachez, a music video that in the last two months has been downloaded more than 600,000 times on Youtube. The song has also received spins on urban stations. — (Excerpt from The Baltimore Sun)

You can check out Mrs. Peachez second single, "In the Tub" HERE

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  1. the ignorance in our community is getting greater each day and it’s a damn shame!!! this “ms.peaches” character is unexplainable!! but this comes to show why we are looked and talked about in such a manner especially in the white community!!no matter how far we we get the smallest ignorant action that us as black people take can easily erase how great and how far we have come..and even though the white community frown upon other minorities.. other ethnic groups dont even like to associate themselves with us!!! that being said why the hell would anyone rap/sing about frying chicken on a make shift plantation? what is hiphop coming to… shit u tell me!!!

  2. What the hell was this “Ms. Peachez” character trying to accomplish ? This video was ignorant and wasn’t funny at all. And on top of all of that you dress in drag. What the fuck ??!?!!? This song and video should have never been recorded. People out there are already trying to brand hip hop as being dead. Why the fuck would someone want to contribute to that ?

  3. It has nothing to do with white communities, it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact, that many hip hop artists are afraid to be who they are today. Many artists fall prey to trying to fit the mold of what some A & R says is hip hop. thats retarded in my honest opinion. Most importantly if Hip Hop is dead well its up to us to do something about it. If you don’t have something to say thats meaningful or to portray a message, then really get the fuck out of the game your just taking up space for cats who do have inteligence and something to say. All these sing song snap your finger jingles and corny “i bust my gat, I sling cracks, i drive my whip i got the jewels in my chain 100k on the neck ” get real most dont even have cars, and if your wearing 100k around your neck your an idiot, not flossing. Go buy some property…….. people are starving for real, and no ones feeding them it seems.

  4. Dang, im gonna start listening to Old School Rap again lol isn’t Nas’s new album called, “Hip Hop is Dead”? hip hop is dying, why? WHY IS HIP HOP DYING?
    BECAUSE OF U CHICKEN CLOWN AAAAAAAAA lol and other wack rapper. Rappers jus want to make money for themselves, they jus make a catchy line and repeat it
    Hip hop now SUCKS lol except for one or two songs lol

  5. This video is just funny to me and just think bout it if it goes on BET on anything this wont be the first song thats crazy and fuuny on tv and more people that looks at this will add it to be the first song on 106 and park

  6. My nieces and nephews showed me this video a few weeks ago and thought it was funny but they range in age from 7 to 12. I don’t expect them to really know the impact this has how we are viewed. To them it’s just a funny video to imitate and laugh at. But as an adult who came up during the peak of hip hop (late 80’s/early 90’s) I see it as a step back. A bunch of minstrels in blackface performing before a sold out white audience. Anything goes nowadays right? Cash rules everything around me (CREAM)…including my dignity. Wake up my people!!

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