Hell Rell Nothing But A Pawn?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Or a street soldier lol...Jimmy Jones has such a way with words and people are still trying to tell me that all is cool with the Dips..you have got to be kidding me. They are straight up and down dissing each other. The only one you never really hear much about is Juelz. He is probably working out his next moves to get out of his situation with both the Dips and Def Jam.


  1. Hell Rell is still cold azz hell and He will be tha same if he wasnt wit The Dip…but still it would be dissapointing 2 see the set split up like dat

  2. man these fucking guys are killin me with all this disloyal bitch made shit fareal lol and jim jones cant rap for shit though cam and mase taught yo how 2 rap

  3. lmao…. Cam Can’t Rap For Shit… He can’t teach anybody shit. He need to quit! Hell Rell and JR Writer are the tightest two in that camp lyrically.

  4. Disloyalty! Just goes to show you that the rap game really ain’t the street game. While all these phonies runnin around here like they OG’s. The OG’s are out here in these streets! Them niqqa’s rappers…lol And since they rapper’s the may as well get paid and stop frontin and stuntin!

  5. 4real, jim jones iz wack ass fuck, he has no kinda flow once so ever!now-a-days people will do anythang for a paycheck even be disloyal.the only ones’s worth listening to is juelz,40cal,jr.writer,and hell rell.

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