Hot 97 and Power 105 Officially Ban Offensive Rap Music

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By: Rizoh

      Roberts Broadcasting—the Black-owned company which runs four TV stations and Hip-Hop formatted Hot 97.7/WRBJ-FM—has said banned music with lyrics that it considers to be violent, sexist, and racist.

      The decision arrives on the heels of the Don Imus incident when the Talk host was fired by CBS Radio and MSNBC-TV for referring to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos.”

      “There’s probably a higher incidence of derogatory language in general in Hip-Hop music because it’s a language of the street,” said GM Terrill Weiss. “It reflects life, and their art involves a lot of language that could be deemed objectionable.”

      On a related note, New York‘s Power 105.1 FM has also launched its own crackdown on offensive rap songs. Program Director Helen Little explained the decision:

      “What we’re doing is holding labels and artists accountable for what they say and how they say it,” said Little. “We’re not saying you can’t make this music – just we won’t play it.” She added that their intention is “to encourage people not to talk this way anymore.”


Preach, sister!


  1. What are these so called stipulations to warrant a song controversal. And furthermore, hot 97 only owns 3 radio stations, what about the other thousands radio stations they dont own.

  2. Here is what I predict will happen. Hot 97 will stick to this and eventually give in, or fall off the face of the planet. Do you know why Imus was fired? It wasn’t because his employees wanted to do the right thing. It was explicitly because Imus’s supporters started pulling their money from his program. Because that’s what the game is about, ad revenue!! That’s exactly what will happened here when Hot 97 looses an unprecedented amount of listeners because a smaller station is willing to play what they want play. And if the clubs will continue to play these so called “controversial songs”, and if they are playing in the clubs then people are going to want to hear them on the radio. And finally, what are they going to play in hip-hop anyways that isn’t controversial to somebodies standards.

  3. In conclusion these lyrics and lyricist will continue to live on until everyone bands them. The odds of that happening is the same of the world banning pornography, which I really don’t appose to.

  4. This is absolutely the right thing to do.We have to save fools from themselves and our race from the lost and misguided.There comes a time were money is not the issue but principle is.Power starts with respect for one another. Lets heal the pain from racial slurs and violence to our race by respecting one another. We can heal one another from slavery if we repect one another.Your piers are your best medicine. They can make you or break you. Lets make one another with love.You can change your life at any given moment.Remember that.

  5. I thought this was America were a muthaphucca could say what he wanted to and not be punished for it. No I am not taking sides with Don Imus, but as soon as we start banning music played on the radios we might as well make Osama Bin the next President because now we are turning into a Dictatorship instead of a Democracy.

  6. F*%K Don Imus, that was just his opion from get go. Who cares if he lost his job he will probably get another one with the clan. I feel that is the opion that (not all just some)most of white people have about us. It’s just some sh!t they say at the dinner table with their other white freinds laffing about the sh!t and dranking wine. Riddle me this, why do white folks want to say the N word so bad? Do they feel like their not apart of something? They say it behind our back any way. But that don’t mean you can say it to my face. All cultures have words that other cultures can’t say. So leave the N word alone. Hopefully this will start a new era that lyrics are paid attetion to more. And they can get that Wack ass, Sh!ty ass snapp music off the radio. But this bann probaly want last long people don’t like the real sh!t. Holla, one!

  7. lets not kid ourselves..they gonna use the imus situation to censor and then ban ANY type of controversial rap,which includes “bitch,ho” rap and “conscious”rap..the outcome of the game was decided long ago but we was too busy beefin with each otha to notice the hidden hand..oh yea FUCK don imus!!

  8. I thought this country we are livin in was america freedom of speech an all dat good an bad shit……. huh opinions every bodys got that right ???? unless we offend some one ????????????

  9. they need to ban them wack rappin mutha fukaz from gettin air play and start playin bros an sistaz with tru lyrical fittness on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RIGHT NOW MUTHER FUCKAZZZZZ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> simple lyrics iz for the simple minds first grade drop outs and scared to read a book ass fuckaz real hip hop always been about lyrical fittness…….. and steppin up in skillz and if u like that simple shit my opinion iz excersize your minds cuz your brains need push ups and streches naaah meeeen….!!!1

  10. fucking fools,they are going to kill hip hop by banning musiclike that ,why u ask
    first off with out gangsta rap i dont think rapwould make that much money ,conciousrap dosent sell young people dont buy it ,good songs but they hardly go gold.and also the world is not all peaches and cream.the world dosent cosist of just backpackers,the hustlers are here,the thugs are,the strippers are here,the ills and oppression is still here ,so why should we sugar coat it.we censored it,now they want to ban it from radio next thing you know ,the youths coming up after us wont even have it..
    the gov wants this the most ,why too much black kids making it out of the maze that was meant for us to stay on the same level..fuck hot 97 and 105
    sqaures will not be tolorated in this millitent world..the day hip hop dies the revolution starts…so if you if yawl radio uncle toms dont wonna get caught in the middle “keep hip hop /rap/motivational speaking alive”

  11. first cesors now ban,the white man really wants to stop the black kids from making it out the hood..young people dont want to hear concious rap ,they will listen but they dont want to hear it on a regular basis..the world isnt about making up imposible metaphors,we want shit we can relate to.everyday life shit ..

  12. any body offended by the word hoe is a hoes ,bitch is the opposite of dog which men get called all the tim (even worse),we talk about guns because 9 outa ten kids in the hood got one or two.we talk about weed because its our mental healing that keep us from using them guns ,we talk about flossin because no matter who you are you want luxury and things you can look at and say hey i worked hard for this(hustling is still working hard peep the name)and maybe if the kids see people like them with luxurious things it will teach em that being broke isnt acceptable .. any body who still stuck on the whole bitches abd hoes thing needs to listen to tupacs wonder why they call u bitch , stop being mad because everytime you hear a song a bout a fast female it reminds you of your past should of thought of that when you was being hoeish..big up to all my true sista’s who know there concience is freeeeeeee..

  13. i thought america had the freedom of speech to say whatever they want if hot 97 ban offensive rap music then that just defeats the purpose of freedom of speech im not saying offensive rap is not bad look at big l’s song devil’s son that shit deserved to be banned from the radio due to the shit he was saying.

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