How Biggie Helped LOX Avoid Death…

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Coincidence or premonition?  In an interview with VladTV, Sheek Louch revealed that he, Styles P, and Jadakiss were set to ride in the vehicle that The Notorious B.I.G. was shot and murdered in.  Sheek told the camera that the LOX was originally leaving the infamous VIBE party with Biggie, but B.I.G. advised them to take another ride because he had to handle something.  “I remember that whole sh*t, when we were at that [VIBE] party, came downstairs and sh*t and we were all about to get into that same car with B.I.G.,” said Sheek. “B.I.G. said ‘nah, I’m gonna go over here first and meet you at the [DJ] Clue party.’ Clue had a party up the hill and told me, Kiss and Styles, ‘don’t get in this van.’ I remember, he told us, ‘don’t get in the f*cking van. I guess I gotta go check something out.’ After that, we had a little church van we were riding around with in L.A. — boom, went up to the sh*t and seconds later, ‘pop pop pop’, all that sh*t took place. But I remember his exact words, ‘don’t get in here yet. I gotta go do something.’ That’s crazy.


Sheek went in-depth on his relationship with Biggie and stated Big was very hospitable to the LOX when they first signed to Bad Boy, placing them on records and bringing people such as Missy Elliot into the studio to give them exposure.