Hurricane P: Prodigy’s Not-So-Quiet Storm

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During the storm season, you never know where or how hard they will hit the masses.  This season is also associated with figurative and literal sweeping change. Prodigy got out of prison right on time to create almost the “perfect storm” in hip-hop.  He has been a one-man cyclone ripping through fragile reputations and careers built on shabby foundations.  I haven’t even read his book, but the excerpts alone have done plenty of damage in the industry.  Capone, Noreaga, Ja Rule, Young Buck and Jay-Z have either been blown away or left in awe of the damage.  The tales of hanging with and almost smashing the likes of Lil’ Kim, Mary J. Blige and Lindsay Lohan are the definition of epic. Even his partner Havoc has been forced to go for shelter and address some of the material in P’s manuscript.  This book is so compelling that I think I will get me a copy (The last book I bought was about the Biggie/Tupac scandal just to put my book purchases in perspective).  It’s by far the most interesting book ever written by a rapper – a bold statement but nonetheless true.

On top of this he has managed to create some good just-out-of-jail music that he wisely gave away to the masses.  The subject matter is dark, brooding and controversial – qualities that aren’t a part of 95% of hip-hop present day. A couple of well-placed collabos with some of rap’s newer generation like Curren$y and L.E.P. Bogus Boys will serve him well with keeping his relevance afloat.

I truly used to wonder how Prodigy actually survived all of the battles he has been in over the past 20 years.  He’s went toe-to-toe with the greatest and, for the most part, lost. But he’s managed to still maintain a legendary status by creating timeless music and being a polarizing figure without looking like a clown begging for attention.  His methods have served him well and I salute him for being real in a very “plastic” day and age.



  1. So its Epic that he ALMOST smashed Mary J, Lil Kim (who couldn't) and Lindsay Lohan….Come on that just sound Corny! No one brags about who they almost smashed.

  2. You can when you really could have smashed but decided not to. Only from experience do I know

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