If Kanye Wants Curry…

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      he flies in a Chef from his fave restaurant in Wales (a country in the UK) to cook it for him. Not quite sure why he would go to those extremes anyway as opposed to just using a chef in the US but hey if you got the money, why the hell not? The dish that the chef is being flown in to prepare is a 10 ft fish dish.


  1. Kanye is a REAL man. Only a real man would know about food and its creater that no recipe can be exactly the same made by another person. When head down to 416 Kanye holla at ya gurl and see what am saying and my dishes;) Tima

  2. Conspicuous Consumption at it’s best.

    I want to be rich so I can senselessly throw money around and have people serve my every ridiculous whim and have silly groupified goldigging unterhoars proclaiming my realness!!!!

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